Friday, April 30, 2010

Pfaff Quilt Expression 2048 and Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator

When I started seriously quilting 20 years ago I was encouraged to purchase a Pfaff 955.  I loved that machine, it had a built in IDT walking foot which helped when I was piecing and quilting.  I started quilting again 4 years ago and got my 955 out and it still worked great. 

After a couple more years of quilting I decided it might be time get a new machine. So I went to the Pfaff website to see what was new with quilting machines.  I also talked to quilters at the local quilt shop to see what features they recommended.  Unanimously quilters said to get a machine with 'needle down'.  So I went to the local Pfaff dealership to actually see the machines for myself and try them out.  I knew what I wanted to do with the machine, and I also knew I did not want a fancy computerized machine.  I started out looking at a basic quilting machine, but finally decided on the Quilt Expression 2048.

I still have a lot to learn to use this machine completely.  It pieces great and it has a neet quilt stitch that I gets me a lot of complements.

I recently received a Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator to use for free motion quilting.  When I learn to use this I think it will be great.  But as Harriet Hargrove says in her blog quilting is a skill very different from piecing.  So I need to keep practicing, and I will update you as I continue to learn.