Garfield and Nermal and their idea of helping me Quilt

Garfield joined our family the summer of 2007 and his brother Nermal followed the summer of 2009.

Garfield loves my Gerber Daisy Quilt

He helped me Quilt Caroline's Queen of the Ranch quilt

Garfield gets lost in my Daylily quilt

Terri brought Garfield to us so he wanted a picture with her quilt!

Garfield and Stars and Stripes Allover

Garfield is trying to find a specific fabric in this Christmas Waltz quilt

Garfield was the reason I bought this Quilting Companion panel

Nermal likes this Day and Night quilt

Nermal doesn't fit inside my sewing machine anymore!

He liked this Day and Night quilt also, maybe it's the feel of the Batiks.

He thought he was helping me quilt Sandy's quilt.

Nermal is asking me to pet him!!

Nermal's coat has some of the same colors I used in this quilt.

Terri also brought us Nermal so he wanted a picture with her quilt also.

This is one of my Fall quilts

Nermal likes this Bargello Color Wheel