Friday, March 16, 2012

New York Beauty - Paper/Foundation Piecing

Definition of Paper Piecing - Quilting technique in which a design is printed onto paper and fabric pieces are stitched together on the paper for accuracy.

I'm not very experienced at paper piecing.  I have a tendency to not use a large enough piece of fabric to cover the foundation area I'm working with!

So when Karen Neary from Sew Karen-ly Created was asking for pattern testers on a pattern using a New York Beauty block I volunteered.

I can't show you the completed project yet, but it turned out great!!!

It's amazing to me how a block that starts out with this component,

ends up looking like this?


Karen said...

Just look at those perfect points! Your quilt is lovely, Darlene - you've done a super job. Thanks so much.

Bek Hanks said...

I like your block, it is not easy or quick tp piece. I reproduced a family antique quilt that appraised as a Fredonia Cross circa 1860-1866. But it is the pattern shown, without the strip over the wedges of your block. Your work is great and shows care and attention to detail. Thanks for sharing this unusual, seldom seen block.