Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quilitng Gallery's Weekly Themed Quilt Contest - Fall Fair

I just entered a quilt at Quilting Gallery's Weekly Themed Quilt contest. Voting starts Friday September 17th and runs through Sunday September 19th. Please vote for the quilt below.

Nermal likes it!!

My Moda Saltbox Harvest Quilt by Deb Strain

A week ago I visited JEllen's House of Fabric because I won a door prize at her grand opening!!  Of course I had to check out the fabric and decided to purchase some more Fall fabric to use with my leftover Moda Gobble Gobble.  I purchased the below Moda Saltbox Harvest fabric in addition to a couple scarlet and gray fabrics for my stash!!

Moda Swirls

Moda Stars

Harvest Market is a pattern by Robin Betterley.  I used EQ7 to audition the fabrics.
Robin designed a fabric line for South Sea Imports called Quilting Companions that I love.

Finished quilt top.

Nermal likes the quilt too!!!

Moda Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais

Two weeks ago I visted Cottonpickers Quilt Shop, as I was looking around I realized that I have never made a Fall quilt.  You know in browns, greens, oranges, deep reds.  So when I spotted Moda's Gobble Gobble I decided it was time.  I purchase the below fabrics and came home to design my quilt using EQ7.

I added one fabric from Moda's Northwood Botanical.

Beth only had one yard of the large flower print, so I came home to find a quilt pattern.  I found Flower Patch in Cindy Casciato's Block Explosion.  I used EQ7 to audition the location of the fabrics and finally decided on the one below.  Check out my finished quilt top!

My visit to Mara's Fabrics and Gifts

Last week I visited Mara's Fabric and Gifts check our her new website.  I really enjoy visiting with Mara and her husband.  I showed them the Ohio State quilt that I'm finishing the binding on and my Stars and Stripes Allover quilt.  I spotted this  fabric by Sandy Irish for Blank Quilting, I'm not sure what I will do with it yet, but Black and White can be added to a number of colors.  Especially Scarlet and Gray!!

Berkshire by Blue Hill Fabrics

I visited Beth at Cottonpickers Quilt Shop to show her my Gobble Gobble and Market Harvest Quilts.  While there I spotted Berkshire by Blue Hill Fabrics it has turquoise in it, which is supposedly the 'it' color this year!  I haven't decided what to do with it yet.

Busy piecing Quilts and adding to my Stash and cheering for my Buckeyes!!

I have been so busy piecing and shopping and cheering for my favorite football team the Ohio State Buckeyes that I haven't made any time to update my Blog.  So today you will be updated on the last couple weeks of my life!!

The Buckeyes have started the 2010 season with 2 wins!!  Their first win was against Marshall University 45 - 7 on Thursday, September 2.  Jim and I visited my Aunt Winnie and my father Denny to watch the game.  Their second win was against University of Miami 36-24 on Saturday, September 11.  We don't have cable so we watched it on  This win was very important as the Buckeyes attempt to reach the BCS National Championship.  There were a few issues with the kick return team that I'm sure Coach Tressel will modify this week.