Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy piecing Quilts and adding to my Stash and cheering for my Buckeyes!!

I have been so busy piecing and shopping and cheering for my favorite football team the Ohio State Buckeyes that I haven't made any time to update my Blog.  So today you will be updated on the last couple weeks of my life!!

The Buckeyes have started the 2010 season with 2 wins!!  Their first win was against Marshall University 45 - 7 on Thursday, September 2.  Jim and I visited my Aunt Winnie and my father Denny to watch the game.  Their second win was against University of Miami 36-24 on Saturday, September 11.  We don't have cable so we watched it on  This win was very important as the Buckeyes attempt to reach the BCS National Championship.  There were a few issues with the kick return team that I'm sure Coach Tressel will modify this week.


Sue said...

Hi Donna,
Love your blog. I have two sons who are Buckeyes. One graduated in 2009 and my second son is class of 2012. I want to make them each a quilt in scarlet and gray, something special. I am just learning to quilt. I'd welcome any suggestions you have.
Great work. Keep the Buckeye quilts coming.
Sue Ross, Elmhurst, IL

Darlene said...


Thanks for checking out my blog.
I have been told that one of the best quilts for a beginner is Yellow Brick Road. It involves selecting Dark, Medium and Light fabrics and rotary cutting. It can be made in a variety of sizes.
Go Buckeyes Darlene