Jennifer McCann my Quilter and my Friend

Jennifer McCann my Quilter and my Friend
 January 17, 1945 – July 23, 2012

I met Jennifer the summer of 2008. I had heard about long arm machines and quilters, but didn’t think I could afford their services. Then I saw a sample quilt hanging in Quilt Trends in Columbus, Ohio of a kit that I had recently made myself. I decided that I wanted to have my quilt similarly quilted. The shop put me in contact with the quilter and a friendship was started. I had seen her sample so I was comfortable with her skill level and when I talked and then met her, I was even more impressed. In my opinion she was an Artist! She did all of her quilting Free Hand!!

 Yes I Am a Buckeye

This is the first quilt I had Jennifer do for me.  
If you look closely you can see many words that represent The Ohio State University. OSU, Scarlet and Gray, Brutus, Go Bucks, Round on the Ends and High in the Middle, OHIO, Carmen Ohio, including the year I graduated and my college.
Because we live 3 hours from each other we talked on the phone and saw each other a couple of times a year.  Whenever I called she would say ‘Hi sweetheart how’s it going!  She was always very supportive of my piecing and color selection.  She would say a quilt top was beautiful and I would say ‘You have to say that!’ she would say no not always!!  When selecting threads and quilting patterns, her suggestions were to make sure they didn’t take away from the quilt itself.  After all I put a lot of time into the fabric selection and piecing of the quilts.
I’m very lucky to have had almost 30 quilts and wall hangings quilted by Jennifer.  They will remain some of my favorites and will make special gifts for my family and friends.

Run for the Roses

I have always loved horses and this panel caught my eye!

Gerber DayZ Chain


Balloon Races

We try to attend the Hot Air Balloon Races at Debonney Winery in Madison Ohio each year.

Freindship Blocks

This is the largest quilt I have done it's 108" square.  These friendship blocks are 20 years old.
Oh Buckeye
This quilt also has words and it has buckeye leaves in the corners and footballs down the borders.

Scarlet and Gray Allover

This is a Marti Michell pattern from her Log Cabin ABC's book, using her Log Cabin Ruler and some of the Perfect Patchwork Templates. 

Jennifer did a great job quilting this so that the red star points and the flying geese puff up.

Buckeye Pinwheels

I like the way the swirls soften the rectangles and points.

Summertime Day Lilies

This has simple quilting because of how busy the quilt is.  Jennifer did outline some of the larger lilies.

Pinwheels and Whirligigs

 I love the way her swirls make the pinwheel turn!!!

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