Monday, December 31, 2012

Feathered Peacock Star Wall hanging is almost done!!!

The wall hanging is now quilted and just needs a hanging sleeve and binding!!!

Becky Silbaugh at Ruby Blue Quilting studio did a great job with the quilting.
This link will take you to her blog where there are pictures of the quilt being quilted!!

"Get It Done" in January 2013

Judy at Patchwork Times is helping us to get projects done in 2013
by sponsoring "Get It Done". 
We are to blog about 4 items we want to get done during the month.
For the month of January I need to complete the following items.
Hanging sleeve and bind my Feathered Peacock Star Wall hanging
This is my second Judy and Brad Niemeyer pattern and Becky Silbaugh at Ruby Blue Quilting studio did a great job with the quilting.  Becky has a post at her blog with pictures of this quilt in progress.  This quilt needs done by January 19th so that it can be delivered to the Lake Farm Parks for Quilts 2013.
Scene in Alaska Quilt Kit
This is the fourth Lisa Moore pattern I have completed since traveling to Alaska in 2008.
My friend Doris traveled to Alaska this past June and asked if I could complete the 2 kits she picked up there.  I need to finish the shasings and borders.
Cassie's Brown and Teal quilt
I would like to finalize the pattern I will be doing for Cassie's quilt.  I will be doing a Judy and Brad Niemeyer pattern, but I have to decide one which one.  Then I'm going to design it in EQ7 so I can add the fabrics.  I'm leaning toward Waterfalls.
Sara's Baby quilt
My hairdresser is expecting her 2nd child this winter, so I will be doing a boy's baby quilt.
I have to design it in EQ7 and then start cutting and piecing.
I have some left overs from another baby quilt I did last year, called Sea of Dreams by South Sea Imports.  So I thought I would use that fabric to make up a simple block and rectangle quilt.
Ok now I have my goals for January lets see how many of them I "Get Done"!!!