Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feathered Star Quilt - Step 1 - Judy and Brad Niemeyer

Judy and Brad Niemeyer released some new patterns last week at the Checker's Open House.  I left a message for Beth at Cottonpickers Quilt Shop and requested that she save/order one for me.  Cottonpickers is now a certified Judy and Brad Niemeyer quilt shop!!  This means that Beth and Becky are working on a number of patterns so that they can offer classes this Winter!!!
It's the Feathered Star which is 60" x 60"
When you first look at this quilt you don't see a number of fabrics, but there are actually around 13-15 different ones.
The pattern is divided into 5 chapters and each one includes detailed instructions.  You start in the middle and work your way out.  All paper piecing is to be completed before any units are sewn together. 
I started looking throught my batik fabric stash last night and selected fabric for the 1st Chapter which includes the inner accent star.
Each chapter seems to include dark, medium and light fabrics.
I will be using a number of the fabrics from my Desert Sky quilt with some additions.
My biggest fear when starting a pattern is the selection of the fabrics.
This image is from EQ7 and uses the 4 fabrics I selected.
I think my selection of the star fabrics will work!!!
I will continue to update as this quilt comes together!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Long Arm Quilter and some Beautiful Quilts

The morning I found out about Jennifer's passing I was meeting with my new Long Arm Quilter.  I think Jennifer would be pleased with my choice.  Becky Silbaugh of Ruby Blue Quilts in Madison, Ohio.  Becky is the daughter of Beth Safik of Cottonpickers Quilt Shop in Chardon, Ohio.  Becky is a grapic designer, pattern designer and a great quilter.  She has won awards at the Lake Farm Park Quilt Show and has really added to her longarm skills.
That day I dropped off 3 quilts for her to complete.

Two of them where Day and Night Quilts by Eleanor Burns

The third one was my first Judy Niemeyer Quilt Desert Sky
I selected Fireside for the backing of these 3 quilts to make them all soft and cuddly.
I picked up all 3 quilts last Saturday and I can't wait to get them all binded!!
Becky did a great job on all 3 of the quilts.  You can see more pictures of these quilts on her 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In memory of Jennifer McCann, my friend and my quilter

Jennifer McCann my friend and my quilter
January 17, 1945 – July 23, 2012
I met Jennifer the summer of 2008. I had heard about long arm machines and quilters, but didn’t think I could afford their services. Then I saw a sample quilt hanging in Quilt Trends in Columbus, Ohio of a kit that I had recently made myself. I decided that I wanted to have my quilt similarly quilted. The shop put me in contact with the quilter and a friendship was started. I had seen her sample so I was comfortable with her skill level and when I talked and then met her, I was even more impressed. In my opinion she was an Artist! She did all of her quilting Free Hand!!

Because we live 3 hours from each other we talked on the phone and saw each other a couple of times a year. Whenever I called she would say ‘Hi sweetheart how’s it going!’ She was always very supportive of my piecing and color selection. She would say a quilt top was beautiful and I would say ‘You have to say that!’ she would say no not always!! When selecting threads and quilting patterns, her suggestions were to make sure they didn’t take away from the quilt itself. After all I put a lot of time into the fabric selection and piecing of the quilts.

I was able to attend the Lake Farm Parks quilt show a couple of times with Jennifer and her friends and it is always interesting to hear what others have to say about the quilts and the quilting.  I wish I had made the time to have Jennifer teach me how to machine quilt.
I’m very lucky to have had almost 30 quilts and wall hangings quilted by Jennifer. They will remain some of my favorites and will make special gifts for my family and friends.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Pets on Quilt Show

I have decided to enter Nermal in the 2012 Pets on Quilt Show.

This is Nermal on my Framed Bargello quilt top.

Nermal helping me with my Kaleidescope quilt.

Nermal testing out my Christmas Day and Night.

Nermal and Terri's Leap Frog quilt.

Nermal is sure helpful!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my picutres of Nermal.