Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Buckeyes Won and so did I, I won the Chili Cookoff!!!

I downloaded these pictures from Facebook, they says it all  !!
We attended the 12th Annual Ohio State vs. That Team from Up North party in Ohio City today.  So while the fans in Columbus where cold in the Shoe we were cold in Ohio City!!

The alumni and fans that put on this party do a great job!!!
Each year they have a Chili Cookoff competition.  I placed second 2 years ago!!
This year I WON  !!!
I was almost more excited about winning the Chili Cookoff then winning the game!!
Oh wait that's just stupid!! 
We are undefeated and beat Michigan again!!!
Great season Buckeyes can't wait for next year!!!
Thanks Coach Meyer for a great season!!!
After all it's only 371 days until we play Michigan again!!!
November 30, 2013