Sunday, August 4, 2013

Streak of Lightning an e-novel

Streak of Lightning
No not real lightning! 'A Streak of Lightning is a design that can be made in a number of ways.  Some people use rectangles that are offset, some use half-square triangles, and the one Nell Fitzgerald is making in an e-novel by Clare O'Donahue, is a variation on the classic log cabin.  The main point, however it is done, is to create the sense of movement, of color that juts back and forth in a line, just how most lightning bolts are represented.'

This excerpt from Clair's book gives you an idea of her attention to detail when comes to the quilts that she uses for the titles of her books.  In Streak of Lightning a Someday Quilts Mystery, fans get a chance to check up with what is happening in the lives of quilter turned amateur sleuth Nell Fitzgerald and the other residents of the small town of Archer's Rest, New York.  Now, available STREAK OF LIGHTNING ($2.99 /August 2013), as A Penguin Special (e-book only) which went on-sale July 30th. 
I enjoyed making the time to read about Nell's next adventure and look forward to Claire's next book Double Wedding Ring which comes out this fall.

Marti Michell has a couple versions in the Marti and Me class, Log Cabin Snuggler, that I missed and the Zig Zag Geese class.