Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival

Thanks to Amy and the prize sponsors for once again giving us the opportunity to share our quilts at the 2012 Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I can't wait to sit down with a glance of wine and enjoy the show.

The quilt I selected to share is my Spinning Sampler quilt.  For those of you meeting me for the first time, I am an Ohio State Buckeyes alumni and fan.  A number of my quilts are made from Scarlet and Gray fabric, thats where I got the name for my blog.

This is a quilt I started after I took a class from Marti Michell using her Perfect Patchwork Templates at the 2010 Lake Farm Park’s Quilt Show. She displayed a number of samplers in class in 12” and 6” sizes. So I started one using my Scarlet and Gray stash that includes twelve 12" blocks on point, with a 24" Carpenter’s Wheel center medallion block.

Starting at the top the 12 blocks used in the quilt are Rising Star, Weathervane, Northern Lights, Rosette, Pieced Star, Hidden Star, Rolling Sawtooth Star, Ohio Star, Dutchman’s Pinwheel, Sweet Sixteen, Martha Washington Star, Wild Goose.

I used a layout I found in Electric Quilt’s EQ7 and then added a border that includes 200 Flying Geese. I’m not sure what really possessed me to make that many Flying Geese??

This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted by Jennifer McCann  of Galena, Ohio and measures 80" by 80".

My DH comment on this picture of Garfield, he wonders if the cats get dizzy or headaches looking at my quilts??

I'm so glad that I decided to enter the quilt in the 2012 Lake Farm Parks Quilt Show.  This is the third quilt I have entered in this show.  My quilt actually made it into the video on the website!!  I was so excited when I found out I had won a ribbon!!!

I have made the decision to enter the quilt into the National Quilt Association (NQA) show in Columbus this next month.  I'm a little nervous about mailing my quilt.  I might have a shot at an attendee vote with all the Buckeye fans in attendance!!  Wish me LUCK!!  I will be unable to attend the show so please take pictures for me!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last Weekend was very Busy!!!

This past weekend we traveled 2 hours West to DH’s home town of Castalia, Ohio. On Friday night we dropped off some speakers that he is selling and then on Saturday we attended the funeral of his Uncle Ed.  Funerals are always sad, but the Priest did a great job of celebrating Uncle Ed’s life and love for his family and friends.  Uncle Ed was a veteran and as the 21 gun salute was being held, the rain started falling. I thought how appropriate that God was sending his tears down to join ours.  We attended the luncheon after the service to give Jim a chance to spend time catching up with his cousins.  Why do we wait for funerals to make the time?

The luncheon was held in Bettsville, Ohio.  Yes, The Door Mouse was just down the street. I asked Jim if we could stop because I needed fabric for a baby quilt. I know what you are thinking more fabric? I don’t really have kid friendly fabrics in my stash!! We wondered around for a while and I found a couple grays for my Snails Tail quilt.

Wilmington Gray Sparkle
Red Rooster Paparazzi Gray Dots

Then we found the kids aisle and nothing really caught my eye. As I continued looking, Jim spotted something on one of the walls. It was panel showing three Ford Mustangs! Jim has had a 69 Mustang GT for longer than he was me! So he called me over and I had to purchase a couple panels including one of a Blue F150 in front of a barn. Jim said you don’t have to buy them now, and I informed him that as a seasoned quilter I know you buy it when you see it! Otherwise it won’t be there or you will be paying a premium!

Patt #1105 Sykel Enterprises Fabrique Innovations

Patt #1102 Sykel Enterprises Fabrique Innovations

Patt #1100 Sykel Enterprises Fabrique Innovations

We then traveled upstairs and Jim and I both spotted this really cute fabric by South Seas Imports that reminded me of Noah’s Ark it's called Sea of Dreams. They had a kit that I purchased and some coordinating prints to possibly make the quilt slightly larger.

I told the lady adding up the total that she didn’t need to say it out loud!! After all one of the reasons I’m working full time now is to pay for my quilting habit!!

We travelled home to Castalia and spent the evening with Jim’s parents and his brother and sister in law. It was fun playing cards and talking.

Sunday morning we packed our bags, attended mass and enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared by Jim's brother John. Then it was time to get the Mustang started and head home.

Oh yes, that was the 3rd thing planned for the weekend, bring Jim’s car home for the summer!! What a very busy weekend!!