Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Selecting Quilt Tops to be quilted by my Professional Long Arm Quilter

I just realized that I probably have at least 10 Quilt Tops that need quilted.  Now the question is do I quilt them or have them done professionaly?  I haven't mastered the skill of free motion machine quilting yet, so I usually do quilts that require grids, ditch or outlining.  They also have to be small enough for me to handle in my limited space.

I really like my professional quilter, she is Jennifer McCann of Galena Ohio.  She has performed artistic majic on the 9 quilts she has done for me in the last 2 years.  She does all her work free hand which amazes me to no end.  She is an NQA teacher and enters a quilt each year at the Lake Farm Park Quilt show in Kirtland Ohio.

She quilted my first Ohio State quilt.

She had me hooked from that point on!!

I have decided to have her quilt my Summertime Daylily quilt.

It's not very big but I think her quilting will really help finish it off.

She will also be quilting my Pinwheels and Whirlgigs quilt, which I can't show you yet because it is a pattern I'm testing for Cary Flanagan at Something Sew Fine.

I will also have her quilt by Buckeye Pinwheels quilt which is a little big for me to handle.

Once I decided what quilt tops I was taking to be quilting, the next job was selecting backing material.  I try to coordinate the backing with the quilt top. 

I found a Jinny Beyer Green that will be used for the back of the Summertime Daylily quilt.  I had to cut the length of fabric in half and then sew it back together to make it wide enough for the quilt plus the 4" on all fours sides that is required for longarm quilting.

I did the same thing for the Buckeyes Pinwheel quilt.  I found a Black fabric with a Red flower motif that I though would work great with the flowered border.

For the Pinwheels and Whirlgigs I picked this Clothworks Delilah Wheels fabric.  Once again I had cul the length in half and sew it back togerther to make it wide enough.  For this backing I attempted to match the seams and then sewed it together with an invisible zigzag.

If you click on the image you may be able to find my seam.

I may take one other quilt incase I come in below my budget.  When I get them back from getting quilted I will show you all the pictures.