Saturday, October 13, 2012

Feathered Star - Chapter 5

Here is what my Feathered star looks like prior to adding the background and borders.

I have selected the background for behind the star.
And then I started auditioning fabrics for the border.

With the feather tips being light and medium I struggled using the fabric I had.  Most of them ranged from light to medium.  Fortunately Quilts and Sew Forth was running their batiks on sale so what is a girl to do???  I picked up some more Merlot which was used in the center and then a couple more purples that are darker.  I think they will blend together but still be dark enough for the border.

What do you think?
Tomorrow I need to spend the day getting the border sections cut so I can start sewing!!!

Feathered Star Quilt - Chapter 3 done and Chapter 4 almost done!!

At the end of Chapter 2 this was what my Feathered Star looked like.

 Now I have completed Chapter 3 and 4..

Some of the wedges have been sewn together.

It's actually turning out really nice!!  I even got a complement out of my DH!

Free Motion Class with Barb Shambaugh

Spent today at Cottonpickers taking a Free Motion Class from Barb Shambaugh. 
If you get a chance to take a class from Barb, do it!!!  She also teaches for Pins and Needles.
She taught us alot about the different thicknesses of thread, needle types and sizes, and machine tension.
Also the importance of stabilizing your pieces by stitching in the ditch.
She had us practice drawing loops, as in crucif e's and l's.  Then we transfered that to the sewing machine.  I had a poorly wound bobbin so that caused some issues.  It was interesting how I was able to actually hear my machine no the right speed for good stitches.
I haven't found my sweet spot with my machine yet, but I will keep trying.
She said I would need 10,000 hours of practice!!!
Which means that Becky at Ruby Blue Quilts doesn't have to worry about losing my business any time soon!!!