Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ohio State vs. UAB - The Buckeyes are 4-0

Anyone that reads this knows that I love to Quilt and the Ohio State Buckeyes!!!  As an Alumni I'm able to attempt to get a pair of tickets to the Ohio Stadium(The Shoe) each year. 
We traveled to Radnor, Ohio last night to stay with my girlfriend Claire.  Her oldest daughter Morgan was generous enough to give up her bed for Jim and I.
We arrived at campus at about 9 a.m. and were fortunate to park close to the walk over bridge that at the south end of the stadium. 
We decided to attend The Skull session at St. John arena.  The Best Damn Band in The Land(TBDBITL) was celebrating 44 years of their alumni club.  There were over 600 alumni band members and at least one of them was 94 years old!!!
It was great listening to both the active band and the alumni band perform.
After the skull session we headed over to The Shoe to grab a hotdog and some drinks.
This year Jim and I had pretty good seats.  6A Row 23 closed end of the stadium.  We ending up sitting next to some friend we hadn't seen in awhile and my friend Amy was one row down.
The game got off to a slow start, but they did manage to cause a fumble when I was down going to the restroom!!
I returned in time for the half time show.
It sure was impressive seeing close to 800 people marching on the field.
SCRIPT Ohio is always fantastic, but seeing 4 of them done at the same time was truly awesome.
The guys did manage to win the game, Jim and I got sunburnt and we drove home in the rain!!  What an awesome day!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feathered Star Quilt - Chapter 2 almost done!! - Judy and Brad Niemeyer

Chapter 2 was little more challenging because I'm working with bigger pieces and really strange shapes!! 
Judy and Brad do a great job with the directions and fabric templates help a lot!
I finished the first 8 wedges and had to wait to take a picture until I finished one of the other wedges.  Do you see the problem with the wedge on the top right?  I didn't notice the issue until I looked at the picture.  I missed adding one of the light fabric pieces.  So I fixed that one and continued working on the other 7 wedges.
I thought I would include pictures as I was building to the end of Chapter 2.
It's really beginning to looked Feathered!!
Here it is with the Chapter 2 wedges added.
I think it looks pretty good. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feathered Star Quilt - Completion of Chapter 1 - Judy and Brad Niemeyer

I have determined that Wine and paper piecing doesn't always go together!! 
Thursday night Jim and I had a wonderful Birthday dinner and shared a bottle of Wine!!
I came home wanting to finish Part 2 of Chapter 1 so I sewed on one of the sections and realized Friday night that they were on wrong!!  Of course I had already trimmed all of them but one!  Which meant using the seam ripper and cutting new pieces!!
I was able to finish Part 2 of the Chapter 1 Friday night!!
I laid them out at Cottonpickers so that I could get some suggestions on the fabric for Chapter 2.  Beth's daughter, Becky was there to give me a hand.
Looks pretty good if I do say so myself!!
These are the fabrics we selected for the Chapter 2!!
Today was the From Marti and Me Club and Sit and Sew of the Super Saturday Stitchers.
These women are very talented and will be working on their own Judy and Brad Niemeyer patterns soon!  I was able to complete Chapter 1 and start cutting out Chapter 2!!
I love how it is coming together!!  The next chapters fabrics are a little darker, so I'm hoping the center star will pop!!!
 This one of the 8 wedges in Chapter 1
This shows 2 of the wedges with the different colored centers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feathered Star Quilt - Continuation of Step 2 - Judy and Brad Niemeyer

My last post showed the first 2 wedges for the center star, this post shows all 8!!

I took advantage of Judy and Brad's instructions on stacking the fabric and chain piecing and the remaining wedges came together fairly fast!!

I think the eggplant really helps to make the star pop!!

Once I get Chapter 1 done I will have to select some more fabric!!
I know Judy suggests picking everything out and get it all cut before sewing, but I need to see the quilt build and select fabric as I go.  Fortunately this pattern allows me to do that!
I hope to get the remaining wedges done in Chapter 1 by the end of the weekend!!
Stay tuned!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Feathered Star Quilt - Step 2 - Judy and Brad Niemeyer

I have cut out the fabric for the 1st Chapter of my
Thanks to Beth's help at Cottonpickers I have a great center star!!
It always amazes me how ugly the pieces are prior to final trimming!!
Much nicer now that they are trimmed!!  They still have the paper on the back.
I think Chapter 1 is going to look awesome when all the pieces are done!!
6 more of these wedges to go and then on to the second part of Chapter 1.