Monday, December 27, 2010

Spending time with Family and Friends

We attended Christmas Eve mass at Assumption Church in Geneva.  It was great seeing friends and being able to wish them Merry Christmas.  The choir really sounded great.

Christmas Day was filled with food and family.  DH and I cooked a turkey and all the fixin's for my family celebration.

Niece Samantha, Nephew Christopher and Brother Don

I asked Mom for a 12" Chicken Fryer so I can brown 2lbs of ground beef for my award winning chili at the same time!

Mom also got me this Ohio State clock!!  Thanks Mom!

Mom was trying to figure out how an office chair could fit in an envelope?

There are penguins in Ohio!!!

DH Jim likes his new Buckeye sweatshirt!!

Sunday was leftover day, and a chance to spend time with Wendy and the Baker's!!

Wendy brought some Celebration Spice wine from Ferrante's that really helped to warm us up!

Terri Baker gifted us with both Garfield and Nermal.  So she feels guilty about no ornaments on our Christmas Tree, so they gave us some plastic Ohio State ornaments to help add some color to our tree next year!  They brought a board game with them that made us laugh harder then you could ever imagine!!

Thanks to my Family and Friends for making this a wonderful Christimas!!

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SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas.

Your mom has such a wonderful smile she just warmed my heart. Would you kindly give her a big hug from me? And I love that I see her smile in you and your family. Just delightful.