Sunday, August 28, 2011

He's BACK!!! My Jim Thome is back with the Cleveland Indians!!!

Ok, so he's not really my Jim Thome.  But he is the reason I started watching baseball back in the 90's.  Let's face it being from northeastern Ohio we haven't had much luck with our professional sports teams!!  So when Jim started hitting home runs everyone got excited!!!  Plus he was really easy on the eyes at First Base!!!  I was pretty upset when he left us for Philladelphia!!!  But it did enable me to buy a Jim Thome jersey for $5.

My friend Wendy called on Friday to ask if I wanted to go to a game this weekend to welcome Jim back to Cleveland?  I said YES!!!  And my DH Jim even said he would join us.  HMMM Jim and Jim??  We decided to go to the Sunday game. 

It was Kid's day, so they had a kids lineup and the kids got to run out on the field.  That was cute and I'm sure the kids got a kick out it!

It was a little cloudy and it even rained on us a little bit.

Wendy got us great seats.
We knew driving in that Jim wasn't in the lineup, and that he wouldn't pinch hit unless the Royal's brought in a right handed pitcher.  The game was pretty boring, the Indian's weren't hitting and the score was Royals 2 - Indians 1 when it happend!!!  The Royals called for a relief pitcher and he was right handed!! 

So how long would I have to wait?  How long would the family that flashed a sign saying 'Evacuated Virginia and Irene to see Jim Thome!!' have to wait? 

Well it turned out not very long!!  There he was right below us!!  My Jim Thome!!!

We realized that this would be his only time at bat and we hoped he would get on base or hit a home run!!!  Our hopes were dashed when he struck out!!  But we still got see him bat and the crowd went wild!!!  Unfortunately the Indians lost the game.  But we still had fun!!!


Amyscats said...

Great photos! Glad you had a good time and that you actually got to see him in the game.
But hey, you were supposed to bring home a winner. (Next time, Thome and the Tribe might do better if you leave your other Jim at home!) Only kidding!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was supried to hear that he came back! Glad you had a great time at the game. Even if they did't win.

Kwilt Noob said...

So exciting! He's going to really give this town a much needed shot in the arm. He's a class act, that guy!