Sunday, July 22, 2012

Desert Sky Steps 6 and 7

I started removing the paper from the blocks earlier this week.  The process went pretty smoothly.  The pattern suggests reducing your stitch size by 1 to allow for easier removal of paper.  The important thing is to not pull so hard that you pull stitches out at the same time!
Yesterday was the first meeting of the Super Saturday Stitches at Cottonpickers Quilt Shop in Chardon, Ohio.  It is a group of quilters that met attending the From Marti and Me Club meetings.  Now we stay on Saturday afternoons for 3 hours to work on our projects.  I packed too many things and Jim was wondering if I was leaving for longer then the day!! 
I had some quilts that needed backings, so I had those in a bag, and backing for my Let It Snow quilt to stitch together.  Then I had 2 of my ArtBin Double Deeps filled with my Snail Tail and my Desert Sky projects.  I love these boxes, they help to keep my project organized.
Beth at Cottonpickers was having a Ping Pong ball sale, so I used my 30% to get backings for 3 of my quilts.  I need to contact Becky at Ruby Blue Quilts to get them on her schedule.

I spent part of the afternoon working on removing the paper from the blocks and then I used 45 minutes to put the blocks on my design wall so the other quilters could help me with my color placement.

I completed removing the paper today and I'm now ready to cut out the final six 7 inch blocks and complete the placement of the border blocks.
As you can see Nermal is helping me!!

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