Monday, November 5, 2012

Feathered Star Quilt - Chapter 5 Progress

I have completed all paper piecing and have started sewing together the sections of my FeatheredStar by Judy and Brad Niemeyer quilt.
I was able to do some of the border paper piecing at the Buckeye Sewing Retreat I attended last weekend.
Saturday morning I worked in my sewing room, unpacking everything from the Retreat and setting up my sewing machine.  Then Saturday night I finished the paper piecing and started working on the corners and my first Y seams of the project.  If you follow the instructions the Y seams go together pretty easily.  I did increase my stitch length in case I had to reverse sew!!
The instructions have you sewing sections together, so that you build the quilt area by area, corners, middles and sides.  I even started removing paper last night; it took me about 30 minutes to remove the paper from one of the sections.  I have decided to remove the paper from the inner parts of the sections prior to completing the quilt. 

I lay the section I’m working on, on the table and use my ‘Purple Thang’ to help loosen the paper and definitely have a trash can or bag handy.  Of course my trash can is a Buckeye one!!
 I have had a couple areas where the glue didn’t release, so I may have to use a little water with a Q-tip to finish those areas.

I can’t wait to get this finished!!  I will be having Becky Silbaugh of Ruby Blue Quilting Studio help to select the quilt pattern and then do the quilting on her long arm machine.