Saturday, November 17, 2012

From Marti and Me Club November 2012

Attended the From Marti and Me Club meeting at Cottonpickers Quilt Shop in Chardon, Ohio this morning. 
Our attendance was light because of illness and grandchildren!!  Hope you feel better soon Marge!!  And Jenny we hope you had a geat time with kids!!
We always start with show and tell.
Marge showed us this Wool Applecore table runner that she made for under caseroles.

Nancy showed us her hexagon quilt.

Cathy brought this quilt that she made for her granddaughter.  Which is an example of one of the quilts we will be discussing in class.
Our instructor Gayle is great at sharing ideas of how to use the patterns that Marti Michell has designed for us.
This is the Hexagon Pinwheel that Gayle made for the class sample.
I think this may be the project I start after the holidays.
 Thanks Gayle for a great class!!!

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