Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Get It Done" in March and April and May

Judy at Patchwork Times is helping us to get projects done in 2013 by sponsoring
"Get It Done".
We are to blog about 4 items we want to get done during the month.

During the month of February, I completed the following items:

I completed binding 2 of the Alaskan quilts.

I selected the fabric for my Mariner’s Compass Quilt
I have pasted the fabric to the color chart!

It was actually March 5th, but I did finish piecing the Baby Quilt!
For the month of March I need to complete the following items.

I need to make labels for the 2 Alaskan Quilts and get those shipped to their new home.
Done and the they love their new home!!

Once Becky from Ruby Blue Quilting is done quilting the Baby Quilt,
I need to bind and label it.
Done and the Mommy was really pleased!!

I still need to do a label.

Continue working on Cassie’s Judy and Brad Niemeyer Waterfall quilt
Done piecing and now at Ruby Blue Quilting to be quilted on Becky and Beth's longarm.
Done being quilted and waiting to be binded.

Oh and I decided to make a Shamrock Twister wall hanging, not sure that will get done by St. Patrick’s day, but it will be fun.
Center of the wall hanging is done!!

I used some of the left over fabric from Cassandra's quilt to plan another Judy and Brad Niemeyer quilt.  Tumbleweeds will have Browns, Golds and Purples.  I have pasted the fabric onto the planning guide.

I plan to be a little more productive in May and to Blog more!!

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Tammy said...

Hi Darlene, Your quilts are fabulous! So beautiful and unique. The baby quilt is adorable.