Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Big Bad Rodent is Gone!!!

I realize that mice or voles are not big!! But when Nermal brought one into the house on Tuesday you would have thought the world was ending!!  For starters I'm not really fond of small fast creatures and Jim was concerned about damage to his audio equiptment.  And of course it was all my fault because Nermal is my cat and I insisted on the pet door!!  It doesn't help when our cats only play with rodents!! 

We put out traps on Tuesday afternoon and I was on trap patrol till 2:30 a.m. this morning when I heard a noise.  It turned out that the rodent had found a trap and that Garfield found the rodent!  I went down to the living room and found one of the traps laying upside down on the floor.  Turned it over and there was the rodent stuck to the trap!!  I quickly tossed it in the trash can.  Nermal was wondering around but it took me a few minutes to find Garfield.  I think he was the one to pull the trap out and he got stuck to the trap!!  I have a feeling he was running around the living room trying to get unstuck!  When he did get unstuck he ran to the basement and it took some calling to find him.  He is ok now but I think the whole thing was a bit of a work out for him. Don't worry nothing on the trap was toxic.

We will be moving the traps to the garage and porch to try and prevent a repeat performance!!

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