Sunday, July 8, 2012

Desert Sky Step 1 and 2

The fabric has been selected.  It is 24 different Batiks Fat Quaters with unknown names and different manufacturers.  They range from Dark to Light.

Now it's time to cut out the first pieces.  I had to number nine of the darks 1 - 9 and match them with nine of the lights.  Then I divided the pile in half and followed the layout in the pattern. 

What's cool about Judy and Bradley's pattern is that they have you cut out pieces to use for the foundation piecing.  I was always concerned about not having big enough pieces.

This is a pictue of the first pile.  I have to complete the cutting of this pile and start on the remaining one.  Nine pieces of fabric can be cut with a sharp rotary cutter.

So now 18 of the 24 fabrics have been used.  The remaining 6 will be used for border blocks and solid blocks.

I will return with photos of the foundation piecing!!


Miss Carol said...

Please keep posting pictures of your progress on this project. It will be stunning!

Anonymous said...

Oh my~ that will be one gorgeous quilt! I am looking forward to every update!

Go Buckeyes! :)