Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Hot weekend in Central Ohio!!

Just returned from Columbus.  I was glad our motel had power and air conditioning!!!

Jim and his friends drove their classic cars down for the Good-Guys Show on Thursday morning.  I followed on Friday afternoon.  I visited with my quilter and friend Jennifer McCann and then met the guys for dinner. 

It was in the high 90's and over 100 degrees at times this weekend!!  The guys spend Friday and part of Saturday at the Ohio State Fairgounds walking around on the ashphalt.

I visited 4 quilt shops, picked up 4 speakers and had lunch at the Cracker Barrel.  I think I had the better weekend!!

I started off by visiting the The Glass Thimble in Clintonville, Ohio.  Fortunately they were open, because their area had been hard hit by a storm the week before.  I had seen some Daylily fabric on their website and was able to pick that up for a Fractured Flower quilt. 

I also found a great Mariner's Compass book called Reaching for the Stars by Brenda Henning.  It has a number of foundation pieced Mariner's Stars for beginners to advanced quilters.

She also has a companion disc, with some more blocks and the ability to print off the foundation papers on my printer.

I really like the quilt on the cover and this one called Let It Snow.

I will be looking for fabric on sale because this one needs 5 yards for the background!

My next stop was Quilt Beginnings in Dublin, Ohio.  I was able to add a few Gray batiks to my Scarlet and Gray batik stash.

Then it was on to Red Rooster Quilts also in Dublin, Ohio.   Where I picked up a couple Lil Twister patterns, one for this patriotic wall hanging.

I also found a couple Buckeye patterns I couldn't walk away from.  These are small wall hangings that I think I will make to hang in my cube.

I volunteered to pickup some speakers for my husband so I traveled down to London, Ohio and stopped at the Cracker Barrel on my way back for lunch.  Then back to Dublin for another set of speakers.  From there I went to Quilt Trends in Columbus, Ohio.  I found a couple Red Batiks which are hard to find and a Black batik I already had.  Then it was back to the motel room to cool off!!!

I can't wait to start laying out the Mariner's Compas quilt in EQ7.  One more of many projects to I want to complete some day!!!


Valerie said...

Cannot wait to see your compass quilt - I have made a few very small mariner's compass blocks but have yet to create an entire quilt. What colors are you planning to use? Scarlet and Gray??? LOL* ;) I'm sure it will be beautiful

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend of sewing. I would LOVE to visit some of those shops - I think the Glass Thimble has been up here for the Farmpark vendor weekend haven't they?

Jayne Honnold said...

I've been to all those stores, Darlene! And we are regular visitors to that Cracker Barrel. Except for the heat, sound like ou had a good weekend!